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Model Primary and Nursery School, Derry


Mission Statement

The staff at the Model P.S. recognise the growing potential of ICT across the curriculum both for pupils and staff. We believe that ICT can be used as an integral part of the processes and the management of teaching and learning. We are aware of the growing role of ICT in the everyday lives of our pupils and wish to be able to respond to new developments in this area.


We the staff at the Model P.S. recognise the potential of ICT across the curriculum and as such believe:


  • - ICT is a valued environment in our school; it promotes the public image of the whole school and assists pupils in developing a positive self-image.
  • - ICT can meet the individual needs and abilities of each pupil.
  • - ICT promotes access for pupils with learning difficulties.
  • - ICT can present information in new ways, which helps pupils to understand, assimilate and use it more readily.
  • - ICT gives pupils immediate access to richer resource materials.
  • - ICT can motivate and enthuse pupils.
  • - ICT can help pupils focus and concentrate.
  • - ICT offers potential for effective group working.
  • - ICT gives pupils opportunities to develop skills for life.
  • - ICT provides opportunities to enhance and enrich pupils' learning experiences across the curriculum.
  • - ICT allows pupils to work at their own pace.




It is the intention of the school to maximise the potential of ICT in Learning and Teaching and to develop pupils' ICT competence. To achieve this we aim:


     -To raise levels of pupil competence and confidence in using ICT - by

       developing children's knowledge, understanding and skills in using a

       range of ICT tools to enhance learning experiences across the



     -To raise levels of teacher competence and confidence in integrating

       ICT into their planning, teaching and assessment of children's work.


     -To use ICT to enhance and enrich children's learning and add to its  



     -To provide access to electronic sources of information and interactive   

       learning resources.


     -To enable children and teachers to have immediate and up-to-date   

       sources of information.


     -To develop children's independent learning skills using ICT across  

       the curriculum.


     -To develop information handling and research skills.


     -To help children with special educational needs increase their

       independence and develop their interests and abilities.


-To encourage children with access to home computers to contribute      

  to and enhance their school work.


     -To develop an awareness of the need for care and responsibility in

       handling equipment.