Access Keys:

Model Primary and Nursery School, Derry

Health Education

Model School Health Education Programme 2009/10



Year Group

Personal Safety

Drugs Education

Pyhsical activity


Nutrition and oral health

Emotional health and well being

Accident Prevention



Safety at home.

Stranger Danger.

Awareness of medicines / tablets and their dangers.

"Starting Early" - Exercise to be healthy.

"My Big Busy Body"

Healthy/Unhealthy foods.

Personal hygiene.


"My family"

"My friends"

"Class rules"

"Playground rules"

"Road Safety"

Primary One

Keeping safe

Toilet habits

Sun safety.

Safe and unsafe substances in the home.

P.E. is fun

Outdoor play.


Changes as we grow.

Healthy and unhealthy foods.

Brushing our teeth properly.

Safety at school.

"I'm special"

Kindness and generosity (citizenship)

School rules

Road safety

People who help us

Visit to the fire station

Lollipop man


Primary Two

How to keep safe at home / school / street. Sun safety.

Danger of drugs e.g. cigarettes. Discuss other unsafe substances in home.

Exercise to be healthy demonstrate in P.E.


Emotions through stories/discussion.

Keeping my teeth clean.

My friends/family


Road safety. Simply classroom safety rules.

Road Safety.



Primary Three

Personal Hygiene

Safe / unsafe places places.

People who provide us with food.

Taking care with all substances. fun.Exercise is good for the body.

Lidl "Fit Factor"

My senses and how I use them.

Good foods/Bad foods .

Protecting our teeth.

Anti-bullying messages.


School rules.

Road Safety.

Dangers of electricity, medicines etc.

N.I.H.E.-"Our Community lessons".

Primary four

Sun safety

Keeping safe at school/home

All drugs are harmful if they are not used properly.

Effects of exercise on the body.


Changes as we grow- my body.

Healthy and unhealthy food.

Oral hygiene.

Special people in your life.Respect for others.

Dealing with strangers.

Road Safety.

Primary five

Stranger Danger P.S.N.I

Benefits of drugs to control disease - linked to African project.


Teamwork - what it means to be part of a team - games/P.E.



R.S.E - good and bad touches.


Balanced diet - 5 pieces of fruit and veg. per day.

Colgate smiles.

Primary values - "Grace and family"

"Divorce and separation"

"Alternative family structure"

Fire service visit leading to:

- home escape plans

- importance of smoke alarms

Primary six

Internet Proficiency  - safe emailing & texting etc.


Hope North-West.

Alcohol / tobacco / solvents P6 Booklet.

Regular P.E. times.




Translink "Eco-Schools" project.

- Myself

- My family

- Puberty

- New life

- Choices

- Friends

Jimmy on the road to super health.

The food pyramid.

Citizenship P6 primary values programme.

Circle time.

"Yes Project"

Greater Shantallow.

Playground and classroom rules.

Technology equipment procedures.

Safety with electricity in school/home.

Primary seven

Citizenship P7 Primary values:

  • - courage
  • - generosity
  • - truthfulness
  • - honour
  • - justice
  • - respect
  • - right to be individual
  • - equal opportunity
  • - Women's Aid "Heloing Hands"


Hope North-West.

Alcohol / tobacco / solvents P7 Booklet.

Divert Drugs Awareness Project (Solvents).

Getting in Sorted Booklet.


Clubs after school:

  • - Football
  • - Netball
  • - Gaelic
  • - Dance
  • - Athletics-
  • - 30,40,50 scheme.

School teams.

P.E Curriculum.

School Nurse visit (changes - physical and emotional).

The Person I Am.

Dental checks.

Smartsnacks award.

Healthy Breaks.

Cooking Club - healthy eating.

Eco schools project.

- Student of the Week.

- Writer of the Month.

- House points.

- Red Box /Making Things better Box.- Circle time/transition to KS3.


- Safety on trips

- Safety in technology

- Safety in swimming, playground etc.

Bee Safe -Northern Ireland-St.Columbs Pk House -December 2006.

N.I.H.E.-"Our Community lessons".