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Model Primary and Nursery School, Derry


What is the Learning Support Class all about?

  • The learning support classroom will offer a range learning approaches to support pupils with varying needs.


  • Staff include one teacher (Mrs M. Coyle) and one learning assistant (Miss Mellon). The classroom can facilitate a maximum of 12 pupils ranging from Primary 5-7. This year we currently have 3 children in the class in the academic year 2017-2018.


  • All pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum which will be appropriate to their individual needs and abilities.


  • Pupils have the opportunity to integrate into the mainstream classes to work, learn and socialise with their peer group. The emphasis for each pupil will be that they realise their full potential academically, socially, physically, and emotionally where possible. This will prepare pupils for the next stage of their education and begin to provide appropriate life skills, so that they can become confident members of their community.


  • Pupils will also have the opportunity this year to work with children from their mainstream classes in their own environment in the LSU. This is known as reverse integration.


  • Mrs M. Coyle and Miss Mellon will usually meet with parents individually in the first week or two to discuss integration, each child's needs and to set targets for them for the Autumn term and the new school year.


  • Pupils will have the opportunity to carry out everyday-life tasks both in school by preparing snack and in the community by going shopping and ordering food etc.


  • Pupils will leave the school premises regularly to enable them to practise using their social skills in the wider community.


Mrs M. Coyle and Miss Mellon work very closely with class teachers and parents to ensure that each child in the LSU has the opportunity to achieve their full potential at the Model



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