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Model Primary and Nursery School, Derry



The main aim in the Model is to give the pupils as wide a choice as possible of different art techniques and genres- ranging from drawing and painting to modelling and sculpture.

We try to use the school environment as an impetus taking full advantage of our extensive grounds and surroundings. The nearby cathedral and Brooke Park are also useful stimuli for art subjects.

We ensure that art is fully integrated into all topic areas so that it is meaningful to the pupils. We encourage the children to take pride in their artwork and display it accordingly so that an attractive, exciting learning environment is created and children's work is duly valued and appreciated.

We take a step-by-step approach to the teaching of art so that basic skills are built upon year by year and progression is thus ensured. In addition to this we give the children the opportunity to see and study a range of well known artists' work.

Finally we have forged links with various artistic centres in the city including Void Gallery, The Orchard Gallery, The Source, The Nerve Centre and the Verbal Arts Centre. This means that the pupils have the opportunity to visit these places and meet, work with and learn from living artists.