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Model Primary and Nursery School, Derry

Board of Governors

Our Board of Governors are at the apex of decision making in the school. The Governors are very supportive of all initiatives within the school. They have the ultimate responsibility of decision making, especially in the areas of curriculum, pastoral care, finance and recruitment.

Our current Board of Governors is made up of parents, prominent members of our local community, teaching staff and our principal. Below is a list of our current board:

Dr. K. Dooher (Chairperson) (EA Representative)

Ms. M. Ramsey (Secretary) (Principal)

Ven. R. Miller (Transferors' Representative)

Ms. D. Mules (EA Representative)

Mrs. Aisling Thomassius (Parents' Representative)

Mr. Mark Francis (Parents' Representative)

Mr M Bradley (Teachers' Representative)

Mr P. Green ( Vice Chairperson Transferors' Representative)