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Model Primary and Nursery School, Derry

Religious Education


R.E within the Model School aims to provide opportunities for the overall spiritual and moral development of the pupils through a variety of means:

1. Classroom teaching and discussion.

2. Class assemblies which include worship and prayer.

3. Confirmation and First Communion for children from a Roman Catholic background.

Our programme of study through the school is in direct accordance with the core syllabus for R.E


In the Model Primary School pupils will:

1. Have opportunities to develop an awareness, knowledge and understanding of the key Christian teachings about:

  • God-Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Jesus Christ
  • The Bible

2. Develop an ability to undertstand and relate the Bible to their own lives.

3. Have opportunities to develop an appreiciation for the Christian Church, its beginnings, growth, tradition and expression in worship and prayer.

4. Foster respect and sensitivity towards the beliefs and faiths of others.

5. Identify and develop positive values and attitudes towards themselves and others.

6. Be encouraged to think for themselves and judge morality within their own environment and outside of this.

7. Be encouraged to make Christian moral principles relevant to their personal and social lives.